We’re committed to a high level of corporate governance. The Board is responsible for the oversight of the company and regards corporate governance as a key element in the drive to enhance our company’s performance.

Board Committees and Industry Representation

Board members are involved with the following committees:

Committee Board Members
Audit and Finance MC Maughan
Remuneration and Nominations F Knaelmann and LM Blackburn
Health, Safety and Environment S Buhrmann and GA Williams

Mackay Sugar is also represented in the following industry bodies:

Body Mackay Sugar Members
Sugar Australia Ltd JR Olejas
Australian Sugar Milling Council JR Olejas
Australian Sugar Alliance JR Olejas
Australian Molasses Trading BJ Casey
Mackay Area Productivity Services LM Blackburn
Grower Negotiating Team JR Olejas, J Walton, M Reiners

Corporate Governance Documents


Annual and Special Meetings